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The SDFC Way

The SDFC Way represents the values and principles we use to run our club. We have made very clear choices about who we are and how we run our fencing program. Our doors are open to anybody from small children to any age and level. But we know we have the biggest impact on helping parents raise their children through this beautiful sport.

We provide an open and inclusive environment focused on learning how to become the best version of yourself. Although fencing is primarily an individual sport, teamwork is at the core of everything we do.

We believe fencing needs to be affordable and we find solutions for everybody to be able to participate and compete. Fencing is not a sport for the “Elite” is a sport for everybody and that diversity is what makes the experience richer.

We see fencing competitions as a way to test ourselves and keep improving. We have fencers that compete at local, regional, national, collegiate or international levels. We use the medals and titles as inspiration, but learning is our real goal.

We will not promise you that you will become a “Champion” if anybody promises you that in youth sports you should secure your wallet and run away.

We believe in collaboration with other clubs that share similar ideas and for that purpose, we created the Global Fencing Network in 2016 that includes more than 200 fencing clubs in over 40 countries.

If you join SDFC we will consider you family and as such we will not ask you to sign a long-term commitment or contract, we will go month by month. If like in any family you feel you need to move on and go on a different journey, just let us know why so that we can improve or simply wish you all the best and stay in touch.


This picture shows what we do every time one of our students wins a medal. They bring it to the club and offer it to their teammates and training partners as a way to thank them. They all grab a little piece of it to symbolize their contribution to that success.

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