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SDFC coaches are dedicated to promoting the Olympic sport of fencing by developing athletic and critical-thinking skills, including coordination, creative thinking, the use of strategy, and much more. Such skills carry over into everyday life, helping adults and children maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun.

We have selected a highly professional and internationally trained team of coaches to meet our goals of educating all SDFC members and helping all levels of fencers excel.​​

Our coaching and administrative team always has safety and performance in mind. All SDFC coaches are professional members of the U.S. Fencing Association and have successfully completed background checks and SafeSport training.


Owner & 3 Weapons Coach

3 time South American Champion. 

A former member of Bolivian's Pan American team.

Competed in the 1984 Olympic Games in foil and epee. Currently Foil coach for the Varsity team at UCSD


Owner & 3 Weapons Coach

Fencing Prévôt by the Spanish Master Academy and US Fencing Coaches Assoc.  

International Referee. Extensive fencing experience in Spain, Germany, and the US. Currently Epee coach for the Varsity team at UCSD


3 Weapons Coach

Fencing Master in 3 Weapons Certified  by the Cuban Intitute of Sports Science. Extensive coaching experience in Cuba, Mexico and now the US


Sabre, Foil and Fitness Coach

Sabre & Foil Coach, current member of the Mexican National team. Kinesiologist responsible of our Fitness Fencing programs

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