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Membership options

All our membership packages include unlimited access to Open Fencing at the designated hours.

Group Class packages also include from one to six private lessons a month depending on the option selected.


Open Fencing only


per month


Group Class

2 private lessons


per month


Group Class

4 private lessons


per month


Group Class

6 private lessons


per month

New Members complete your registration at the office

Private lesson packages

You can also buy additional private lessons


Group Class


5 lessons

Group Class


Already a member?


Membership Rules

Here is a couple of basic rules that you comply with as a member of the San Diego Fencing Center:

 1. You must join and maintain your annual membership with the U.S. Fencing Association. A U.S. Fencing membership is $10 a fencing season for non-competitive membership and $75 a fencing season for competitive membership. The benefits of this membership to both yourself and San Diego Fencing Center outweighs the cost of the membership. A fencing season starts on August 1st and ends on July 31st.


2. Private lessons included in membership packages are heavily discounted and you are responsible for booking them with any available coach. Unused Private Lessons will be voided with no refund possible


3. Private lessons bought separately, individually or in flexible packages, are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Unused Private Lessons will be voided with no refund possible


4. You can borrow the fencing equipment from the club at no cost, we recommend you start buying your own basic equipment within the three months of becoming a member. If you are fencing this often, you will want your own equipment. The largest distributor of Fencing Equipment in the west coast is our neighbor and you will get an SDFC member discount.


5. You agree that your membership is continuous until you tell us otherwise, in writing 15 days before the next month starts. If you do not inform the San Diego Fencing Center that you want to suspend or cancel your membership, your obligation still exists and we will continue to bill you.


Several of our Coaches support the UCSD NCAA Fencing program. For that reason, we need to comply with NCAA rules that limit who can be a member of our club, get private lessons or simply fence.  Any individual who is prospect-aged (anyone in high school, prep school or in junior college) must have a permanent residence within a 100-mile radius of UCSD’s campus if they whish to use the facility or be a member of the club. If you are prospect-aged and live outside of the 100-mile radius, you can still attend open and advertised camps. clinics or tournaments at our club.


You can see the 100-mile radius in the following link by entering UCSD Campus and selecting 100 miles.

Existing UCSD students (athletes and non-athletes) can do open fencing for free. A student ID is required.



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