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The Thrill of (Fit) Fencing

When Coach Juan Ignacio Calderon announced plans for a Fit Fencing class early last year, I was on board right away, counting down the days until April 18. I needed to exercise regularly. I needed to feel better, to do something for my health that wasn’t simply a diet. And walking alone wasn’t going to cut it. It was also time to stop being afraid of getting sweaty.

I already was involved in fencing as the mom of a sabre fencer. I had worked out for a few months with my son’s class, just doing the fitness part – not fencing. Once, I endured a 20-minute sabre lesson with Coach Saul Mendoza, and I thought it would be the last time I would ever put on a fencing mask. The stench! The sweat! I figured that fencing was not for me.

Still, Fit Fencing was intriguing and convenient. The program focuses on epee as the easiest weapon to learn – it’s simple yet sophisticated. Fencing overall is a great workout for your